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Please welcome the most durable and user friendly hydraulic breaker in the industry. This breaker from Construction Attachments boasts product features that blow the competition out of the water, like an Auto-stop (anti-blank fire) System, a through bolt design, built in accumulator, larger gas chamber, blows per minute adjuster, and much more! These hydraulic breakers come in a wide range of sizes and hydraulic GPM ratings ensuring a model for any size skid steer you own. These breakers also come standard with all mounting and hardware, hoses, couplers, tool kit, chisel point, nitrogen gauge for checking pressure and operators manual. This truly is the ultimate in hydraulic breakers.

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Limited stock, please call to confirm availability.

Product Specs

Model 225B 500B 650B 850B 1000B
Class(FT-LBS) 225 500 650 850 1,000
Max Blows/Min 1,000 1,300 1,100 900 1,100
Weight 192 516 630 827 1106
Min PSI Required 1305 1280 1565 2000 2030
Required GPM 3.7 7 9.25 10.1 14.6
Tool Diameter(IN) 1.77 2.24 2.76 2.95 3.15
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